Want more from work and life?

I help small business owners, leaders, and career changers discover more...

  • Profit and Purpose

    Profits power a business like purpose drives your life. Which do you want more of now? I can help you get it (and probably both).

  • Clarity

    Move out of uncertainty about what to do to get where you want to go. To move ahead you need to see both what you need to do and how. You will.

  • Impact

    You want your business, work, and life to DO something whether it's improving your own life, your career, your future, your family, or community. Make the difference you want to!

Yes, you can...

- Grow your business

- Achieve personal goals

- Make smoother transitions

by working with Steve Porter Coaching

What do you need?

To make the changes required to get what we want, we all need the same 3 things, and you'll get them from me:

  • SYSTEMS: Proven ways to identify the right things to focus on.

  • STRUCTURE: A clear, doable approach to taking the action you decide on.

  • SUPPORT: Dependable help, direction, and accountability so you stay on track.

Facing a change?

Consider the "Transitions That Transform" online course

"Transitions That Transform: Making Change Work FOR You in Life and Work," is an online video course where you'll learn at your own pace how to effectively navigate your next (or present!) transition as I guide you through the process of creating your personal plan to end up with more of what you want. Learn to cope, yes, but you can do better -- learn to THRIVE through the changes we all face. 12 short, engaging videos, printable notes, exercises, personal coaching sessions, it's all included. There's even a free preview!