Facing a Change...?

  • In your work?

  • Relationship?

  • Your stage in life?

Changes or transitions can feel

(sometimes even the positive ones)

  • Overwhelming

  • Confusing

  • Discouraging

The "Transitions That Transform" course will help you

  • Get Unstuck

    Start moving forward again and enjoy the momentum that positive action brings.

  • Save Time

    Don't spend any more time "in-between" than absolutely necessary.

  • Save Money

    Transitions can cost you money. Getting where you want to go quicker brings compounding financial results.

  • Stay Focused

    Minimize distractions or detours and keep your eye on your goal.

  • Reduce Stress

    Transitions can be extremely difficult. Understanding the process and making progress brings hope -- lets you breathe again.

  • Avoid Traps

    There are specific traps that will complicate or derail a transition -- but you'll know what they are and how to avoid them.

Successfully navigating your transition, getting more of what you want,

Just got easier.

Going through a transition can be HARD.

Whether you're:

  • Changing jobs or career (or considering it)

  • Thinking about starting a business

  • Had a relationship end

  • Going through "normal" stage of life changes like getting married, graduating, having a baby, becoming an empty nester, or retiring

Any of those changes can leave us feeling

  • .....Uncertain

  • .....Anxious

  • .....Stressed

I have been where you are.

(or close enough)

I'm Steve Porter, creator and instructor of the Transitions course, and I know how you feel. Past successes did nothing to prepare me for some of the transitions I've come through. I've been stuck, taken detours, hit dead ends, and made lots of mistakes along the way. It's been a long, lonely road at times.
Steve Porter photo

It doesn't have to be that hard for you.

Here's all you get in the Transitions course

Designed to help you make changes work for you:

  • Clear, engaging, instruction

  • Personal coaching sessions (2)

  • Complete notes to download, save, and print

  • Practical exercises to help you really understand and apply the material

  • Your own personalized plan or map showing you your way forward

  • A 30-day money-back guarantee!

Bonus material

To help you make the changes you want, you'll get these additional bonus resources:

  • Two Personal Coaching Sessions

    You'll get 2 private 45-minute sessions with me at no additional cost (you'd pay as much for EACH session as for the whole course!). There can be a lot to work through in a transition and personal support can make all the difference!

  • Lifetime Access

    Come back and review, refresh your memory, use it to help you through a future transition, take advantage of updates and revisions I make to the material I'm offering. Please! It's yours to use now and in the future. You'll also receive notice and offers for additional courses and training.

  • Discounts

    Save on additional services. People who are serious enough about their future to work through this course are the people I love to work with. To keep your momentum going, I offer a very special discount for additional coaching upon course completion.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    How to use the course and player

    • How to use this course and the player

  • 2

    Before we get started

    • Help me understand where you're coming from

  • 4

    Chapter 2: 'Change' or 'Transition'?

    • Change or Transition?

    • Changes and transitions

  • 5

    Chapter 3: Transitions Have 3 Stages

    • Transitions Have Three Stages

    • Checking in: Transitions and "stages"

  • 6

    Chapter 4: Endings

    • The First Stage of a Transition, Endings

    • So... Endings...

  • 7

    Chapter 5, Lesson 1: Intro to the Neutral Zone

    • Intro to the Neutral Zone

  • 8

    Chapter 5, Lesson 2: The 3 R's of the Neutral Zone

    • The 3 R's of the Neutral Zone

  • 9

    Chapter 5, Lesson 3: Practical Suggestions for Growing in the Neutral Zone

    • Practical Suggestions for Growing in the Neutral Zone

    • Checking in on The Neutral Zone

  • 10

    Chapter 6, Lesson 1: How to Recognize a New Beginning

    • How to Recognize a New Beginning

  • 11

    Chapter 6, Lesson 2: Dealing with Speed Bumps

    • Dealing with Speed Bumps

  • 12

    Chapter 6, Lesson 3: Nurturing Your New Beginning

    • Nurturing Your New Beginning

    • Checking in: Moving into Your New Beginning

  • 13

    Chapter 7: Moving Forward

    • Moving Forward

  • 14

    Chapter 8: Celebration! And, Help for Your Journey

    • Celebration! And, More Help for Your Journey

    • Wrapping up

  • 15

    Schedule Your 2 Personal Coaching Sessions

    • Click here to schedule your 2 personal coaching sessions with Steve included in this course.

  • 16

    Tell me how it went - course evaluation & feedback

    • Your turn: Course Evaluation and Feedback

Your Instructor and Coach

Business and Life Coach

Steve Porter

I bring rich experience and training to the Transitions course. My entire professional life has focused on coaching adults through many different transitions including career, business, personal, and cultural. I've been through all of those transitions myself, so I know what it's like. Helping people move forward into the life and work they dream of is better than a white chocolate mocha -- and I love those things. How can I help you?

Is the "Transitions That Transform" course for you?

It is if...

You're ready to move forward with your life; You're willing to do the thinking and work to make that happen; You don't want to be "stuck" or repeating past mistakes; You're ready to learn and grow. Is that you? Awesome! Then...
Person wondering if the Transitions course is for them.


  • Is there a free preview lesson I can look at before I sign up?

    Yes! Chapter 1, "Welcome and Intro's," is available to see in its entirety, including the downloadable notes! It's a great introduction to the material. When you decide to enroll and pay, you'll already have begun. You can find the Free Preview button at the top of this page.

  • Is there a guarantee?

    Of course! I'm confident and excited about the content and its ability to change lives. I also know that every course is not what every person needs. It happens. If someone is unsatisfied they have 30 days from their time of enrollment to request a full, 100% refund.

  • Do I have to go through all the lessons, in order, pass quizzes or whatever, to complete the course?

    No. The material's been arranged so each lesson builds on the last ones and progresses through the natural transition processes that transitions follow, so going through the lessons in order makes sense, but, it's not "required". There are no tests or quizzes you have to pass. There are questions at the end of many of the lessons to help you solidify the content in your own mind. There are also exercises that are really important for getting the most benefit from the course, but you are not required to complete anything.

  • Would you be able to help me create my personalized plan for making it through this transition?

    Yes! Everyone enrolled in the Transitions That Transform course gets 2 personal video or phone coaching sessions with me. If you'd like to use any or all of that time to work on your plan together, that would be great. Let's make it happen!

  • What if I don't know where I'm going in the transition I'm in? Should I wait to take this course until things are clearer?

    No! The Transitions That Transform course is designed especially for people who are trying to figure out what's next, and/or how they're going to get there. I think you'll find it incredibly helpful.

  • I'm the opposite from the last question, I think I do know where this transition is going, so why would I need this course?

    There are lots of ways the Transitions That Transform course can help people who have a specific goal in mind. It's designed to help people get through a transition as efficiently and quickly as possible, avoid the traps and speedbumps, and get as much out of the transition as they can.

    Check out the curriculum and the free preview - I think you'll like it!

  • Who might not be a good fit for the Transitions course?

    If someone doesn't have the time or energy to work through the lessons and exercises; If they don't feel a desire to grow; If they want someone else to make decisions for them; Or, if someone wants this course to "fix" them (or someone else); Any of these kinds of factors probably indicate that until something changes, this isn't the right course for them.

A note from Steve

(Please read before you leave)

If you're facing a transition, I hope I'll see you in this course!

That's because I've experienced how fundamental to life transitions are, and, the power of this material to significantly improve lives -- both my own and those of my clients.

The costs of long, "stuck," or incomplete transitions are huge in terms of time, money, and emotions, aren't they?

Are you ready to break that cycle or avoid it altogether?

I've put together in one place all the elements experience and research has shown to be vital: content, application, reflection, and personal support.

I've tried to remove risk to you by providing huge value, a free preview lesson, an unbeatable price, plus a money-back guarantee!

I want you to experience a new beginning as soon, and as close to your dream, as possible!

Please accept my invitation to enroll now and make changes work FOR you in your work and life. See you soon!