About Steve

My mission is to help small business owners, leaders, and people like you succeed in life and work. What do I mean by that? Simply, to help them achieve their personal goals, whether those are to make more money, advance their business, career, or organization -- or whatever -- so they end up more satisfied and love what they're doing!

Hey, I've been there

It's been a journey

I feel blessed to have been able to accomplish a lot so far in my life, but there have been some struggles -- with my own professional identity, ups and downs in the economy, personal transitions, and building successful businesses (among others).
Steve Porter, Business and Life Coach

What I didn't know then...

I had to figure out for myself how to make major decisions about things like my career, where to live, navigating transitions that impacted work and family, managing people, starting and growing businesses and more.

There were great times, and also times when I felt out of my element, unsure, overwhelmed, feeling stuck, afraid I was failing, unclear about how to balance conflicting demands, and low motivation.

I needed a clear plan and someone I could wrestle through these issues with, who'd provide objectivity, support, and encouragement.

Oh, I definitely had some of that along the way (my wife's a saint!), but no one consistently who had the experience, objectivity, tools, resources, and relationship with me to provide what I needed to feel I was moving towards the right goals consistently and successfully.

Then, when I started my own businesses I discovered that although I had excellent management and people training and experience, it hadn't done much to prepare me for all the wildly different tasks and skills that go into running a successful business for myself. I've learned, but it's taken a long time, a lot of stress, a lot of trial and error, and more time and money than it could have!

One thing I've always had...

The one common element in everything I've done professionally?

I've always been passionate about helping people move towards their dreams and visions, to becoming a fuller, more complete version of themselves. When I discovered a few years ago that coaching is a real profession, I couldn't believe it. I realized that everywhere I've gone, whatever I've done, I've always ended up somehow coaching people and even having them seek me out for it. That's when I pursued and completed professional, International Coach Federation (ICF) - accredited training. I think it's amazing that working with people in this way is what I get to do all day!

YOU can THRIVE if you have these things:

(all my experience and training has proven it to me)

  • Structure

  • Systems

  • Support

  • So these are what I give my clients.

What makes my approach unique

My experiences and training lead me to provide you with a personalized, tailored, complete process to get you where you want to go ASAP. Not magic or so-called "expert advice" that no one can really implement. I'm passionate about working with you in ways that have been proven to work in the real world, for people like you and me.

On a personal note...

Coaching, supporting, encouraging, training, and helping people manage professional and personal transitions are things I've always done in every job I've had, even when that wasn't part of the official job description.

My first professional gig was working as a recruiter and trainer for an international development agency. Then my family moved to Hong Kong for several years while I managed the organization's operations and people in China and Taiwan, with the emphasis on supporting the members and their families, doing lots of training and conferences. Earlier in my life, I spent a year in Finland as an exchange student.

I've managed local non-profits, done corporate executive and technical recruiting; outplacement consulting; trained organizations on working cross-culturally; professional sales and consulting; been a sales manager; started 3 businesses; taught sales, marketing, and management at the college level; and served on the boards of local non-profit organizations. I get invited to speak on business and personal development topics at local business groups and others 1-3 times in most months.

Also, I've been a private pilot, love day hiking in the wonderful area I live in, dad jokes, appreciate my awesome faith community, and reading history. I've been married to DeAnn for 39 years, and have 2 adult daughters, a son-in-law, and a granddaughter who are all amazing.
About Steve Porter, of Steve Porter Coaching

My qualifications

Staying current, relevant, and proficient so I can best help my clients is a process that never stops. Here's a select and condensed list -- I'm always doing more.

  • MA in personal and organizational development
  • BA in Political Science 
  • Accredited International Coach Federation (ICF) Life Coach training
  • Certified facilitator of DiSC, Prepare/Enrich, Taylor-Johnson Temperament Analysis assessments
  • Spiritual Director International (SDI) - accredited training in Spiritual Direction
  • President's Club sales training course from Sandler Sales Training
  • Gittomer Professional Sales Training
  • Entrepreneur University 
  • Marketing and Business Development adjunct professor for Business Development Institute
  • "Marketing Momentum" program
  • "Transformational Courses and Programs" training  

Can we talk?

Let's discover together if I can help you get what you want

Find out if coaching is the best tool to get where you want to go ASAP. To get that sense you really have to experience it. You also need to decide if I'm the person you want to work with. The complimentary discovery call is designed to give you the experience and information you need to make the best decision.

You'll probably leave the call with valuable new insights and ideas you can use right away -- even if you decide not to work with me.

I've designed this opportunity to be no risk, no pressure, and especially, high value for you.

Don't wait any longer to move towards your dreams and desires. Let's have a conversation soon!
Woman on Discovery call with Steve Porter