My clients experience more...

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    Bottom line (see what I did there?), you're in business to create value for clients and revenue for yourself. Easy to say but often frustrating to deliver. If you're ready, let's get you more.


    It can be frustratingly difficult just to know what you should be doing to take your business where you want to go. Setting the right goals, prioritizing responsibilities, following through -- it can make you crazy. If you had some clarity about all those things, how would you feel? Let's get you some...


    You want your business to DO something -- for yourself, your family, clients, employees, community. Is it fulfilling the goals and dreams you had for it? Let's help you make the impact you long for!

Why coaching works

This isn't magic (though sometimes the outcomes can seem like it to clients), I simply provide the 3 elements experience and tons of research has proven my clients need to get what they want:

  • SYSTEMS: Proven methods to identify the right things for us to focus on.

  • STRUCTURES: Clear, specific, workable ways for you to stay on-track and moving forward in measurable ways.

  • SUPPORT: You probably don't need more information, right? We've all got too much of that already. What makes the difference is having a person, an experienced, trained and skilled partner, who's on your side and providing perspective, objectivity, and supportive accountability. As a client, that's exactly the kind of support you'll get from me.

Building a business is tough!

You don't have to do it alone any longer. Find out if working with me could help you love your business and work again. Don't wait.


  • Who do you work with?

    I work with many small business owners. Most often they're professionals offering services. A lot of them are "solo-preneurs." Some are launching a new business and want to start off right. Something many of them have in common is being REALLY good at what they do -- but their focus is on their work with clients, not running every aspect of a business.

  • What kind of issues or problems do you work with?

    Pretty much anything related to growing or starting a business! I've helped people with marketing, including issues such as message, niche identification, or focus, and which methods to use and how. Working with start-ups from the beginning has helped owners tremendously.

    I've helped owners greatly improve operations efficiency and profitability; Helped them learn how to hire and never make a mistake again (really); Purchasing a business; Strategic planning; Prioritization and time management; Sales training and management, and more.

    Related to careers, I've helped people successfully find and interview into new positions, negotiate compensation, even decide on and enter new fields.

    I've worked a lot with managers and other leaders who weren't the owners. These kinds of roles can also be tremendously lonely and many of these people find having a coach who's not on their org chart, who's impartial, yet firmly on their side, is something that makes a huge difference in outcomes and their own satisfaction -- and also boosts their career options.

    That's an overview, I haven't found many issues I can't help with significantly so far. Schedule a complimentary Discovery session and we can discuss specifics!

  • Do you work with managers who don't own the business?

    Absolutely! I've worked with managers at all levels employed with most of the large corporations (and some non-profits) with operations in this area. This reminds me to mention that location is not a factor in working with someone since we usually meet by phone or video conference.

  • Do you work with people changing careers or looking for their next job?

    Yes! I have helped many people successfully find their next job, or, do a complete career change. My clients typically make those transitions faster, with less stress, and often for higher compensation, than they would trying to do it alone.

  • How often do you meet with clients and for how many sessions?

    Usually, we meet by phone for about an hour every two weeks, over a period of 3-6 months. The duration of our work is completely up to the client, sometimes we work on one project and they're done, other times the client wants to shift our focus to another project after we finish the first one. I do not force my clients to sign a contract for a pre-determined period. They're in the driver's seat.

  • What do you mean by the word "coach"? Do you think you'll be telling me what to do? Or are you just some kind of cheerleader trying to motivate people?

    By "coach" I mean someone who works WITH their clients, not a guru delivering words of wisdom from "on high" to their poor clients, and not an ineffectual motivational speaker-type who tries to keep people pumped up but never seems to deliver results. Just giving advice is useless -- or worse than useless -- which is what some so-called consultants do (though not the best ones).

    I work as a partner with my clients, and they're the experts on their situation, what they want, what they've tried, what they're good at, what they're not good at, etc.

    We work together to be clear about their goals, then, every session, to together produce a clear, workable action plan they can actually do, which is carefully crafted to move them forward measurably. They usually report that they're seeing progress almost from our very first meeting.

  • What does a typical session look like?

    You'll usually meet with me for an hour every two weeks. During that hour we check in and find out the progress you made on the action steps we created in our previous session, what you learned, what you want to improve next time, etc. Then, we move on to what specifically you want to work on in this session. Once we've defined that and the outcome that'd be most helpful to you, we start looking at that issue from all the relevant angles and working towards creating 1-3 action steps you can and will take over the time before our next meeting. We distill the million distracting possible things you could do into just the most important 1-3 you have to undertake immediately, giving you clarity and motivation. We make sure that what we end up with meets the goal you set for our session, adjust if needed, and that's it! We make sure you get what you want and need to meet the goals that are important to YOU.

  • What's the complimentary "Discovery" session? Why should I do that? It's just a chance for you to sell me, isn't it?

    That's a great question! I offer you this session because I've found most people have never experienced true professional coaching, so they don't know what it is, how it works, or what it can produce for them. And they obviously haven't worked with me before.

    The "discovery" call is for you -- to give you the opportunity to actually experience a real coaching session so you know what it is and can create for you, and also, to give you enough of an experience to be able to decide whether or not you'd like to do that work with me specifically. So, you'll come to the end of that session with valuable insights and specific action steps you can use. Even if we decide not to work together, you'll get something valuable to take away.

    It's pretty common for people to get to the end of the call feeling amazed at the progress they made in just that one hour on an issue they've been dealing with for a very long time.

    I don't feel the need to "sell" people on coaching with me, they decide for themselves before the end of this session if working with me is going to be valuable to them.

  • Is coaching a good fit for everyone?

    What sets coaching apart from other similar professions is its focus on enabling and supporting action undertaken by the client. Coaching is about helping the client be clear about their goals and then doing those specific activities that move them measurably towards realizing those goals.

    This makes coaching different from other fields. Consultants typically are paid to come in as outsiders and just give the client advice. If a client wants someone else to do some specific project for them they hire a contractor. Sometimes a person just isn't ready, or doesn't want, or is unable to take action. Someone in that situation might get more help from a counselor.

    So, if someone only wants to talk about possibilities, or if they expect the coach to tell them what their goals should be; if they want the coach to do the action steps for them; or if they need some serious emotional healing before they're able to take action, then until something changes, they're probably not a good fit to work with a coach.

I'm Steve Porter

and here's why I can help you

I've probably been where you are.

In addition to running my own successful coaching practice of course, in my career I've been a sales manager, hiring manager, recruiter, and trainer.

I've worked successfully with everyone from a retired admiral to a fresh college grad, in fields as diverse as media, tech, real estate, finance, health-related, and more -- even ministry!

Let me put my experience and International Coach Federation (ICF) -accredited training to work for you. You don't have to keep going it alone, click the button below to schedule your complimentary discovery call to see if you think we should be working together.
Steve Porter, Business Coach


Please read this if you're thinking about not coaching with me.

If you're concerned about time or cost, consider what it's ALREADY costing you NOT to address the issues you're dealing with -- day after day, week after week, month after month. Those financial and emotional costs add up, don't they? But the benefits of making progress also add up. Success compounds, growing exponentially like money in an investment account. You're worth the investment!

You've read this far for a reason -- there's an issue that's been on your mind (probably often lately), something you want to get resolved. Let me ask you a direct question: If you haven't seen the movement you want and need to see in that area so far, how likely is it -- really -- that progress is going to suddenly happen now if nothing else changes and you just keep trying the same approach? You've probably heard the old saying, "Keep doing the same old things and you'll keep getting the same old results." If those same old results aren't good enough for you anymore, are you really going to just keep doing the same old things that keep producing them?

I invite you to at least try something new.

There's no risk -- schedule your no-charge discovery call now so we can decide together if I could help and if we want to work together. Don't put it off, click the button now and start the journey. I look forward to talking with you soon!